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The bicycles in this category are helpful for those with balance difficulties resulting from Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Muscular Dystrophy, or simple as mid-ear problems affecting balance. Available adaptations are: back/trunk support (with or without seatbelts), continuous drive (as the rear tire turns so do the pedals), spring loaded handlebar return, footplates, balance sets, comfort seats, leg supports, customized handlebars, handle bar extenders, brake calipers, pull and/or push bars ... and so much more.

Pick out your favorite bike, or tell us what you want ... we'll get it for you, and then we will customize it just for you!

Available in all sizes, styles, and colors, therefore suitable for all ages.


The low riders and recumbants are units custom designed to address very specific balance difficulties and/or limited movement of the knee. The low seating provides easy transfers to and from a wheelchair. Every unit has a height and length adjustability built in for long-term use.


The Contender hand cycles and wheelchair additions are in the group of vehicles with the greatest variety of models. The level of the spinal injury as well as transferability essentially dictates which design would be preferable. The number of gears can vary from single speed to 24 speeds, depending on ability and usage goals. *Give your arms a different kind of workout. We also make a hand cycle that can attach directly onto a wheelchair - NO tools needed*