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1) Therapy Stools:

Yes, this is the item for the caregiver! The therapy stool will allow you work with your client without the need to sit on your knees or strain your back. With its wide padded memory foam seat and shielded caster wheels it is perfect for schools, homes and offices.

2) Kari Chairs:

Seating needs to be addressed at home or in the school setting? Our Kari-chair has been the answer for many children. Being adjustable in seat angle, total height, depth of cushion, and arm rest position, it is comfortable for the user and easy to clean for the caregiver. The Kari-Chair can also feature lockable casters, extra long legs for highchair application, solid or flip away footplate, height and width adjustable lateral supports, pommel, seating belts, butterfly straps and a slide on tray with book edge. Add to this a height and slant adjustable working station, with or without a cutout, and the child is set for years to come.

3) Li'l Tyke Chair:

The little tyke chair is designed for the pre-school, kindergarten and lower grade classes, solid and attractive for many years of use. Available in any color desired and can also be made with adjustable legs for height.

4) Chair Mounted Tray:

Built to fit any chair size, strong wooden construction, and finished with edging and a durable polyethylene top coat.